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study bays me – Given the large expenditure on education, we must admit that this is indeed a big body, but at the same time is not mobile, very clerical.

Le 28 novembre 2019

In short, you have to realize well the curriculum and examine the quality of school work, but we have to convince the whole educational environment. Because if the changes do not affect many places, if it’s a small island in the ocean, the image of Polish education will not change one iota. Wojciech Starzynski: you touched the curator of an important issue because on the one hand create legal solutions that encourage and even push teachers to activity and exploration on your own. On the other hand, there is the key question of how this dynamic and motivated induce and sustain? There have recently conviction that the years 2010 – 2020 is the golden decade for the Polish, but if we miss it, we fall into a black hole. Therefore, the answer to these questions depends on whether we succeed or not.

It is known that we are moving in the right direction, or only have time? Anna-Sobala Zbroszczyk: I in the report “Poland 2030″ is such a stressful topic, which shows that as we do not do something now, it’ll be in development. So we have to do something. But what? What can tip the scales towards positive changes in education before the force of inertia, routine, mentality, it does not eclipse the other side?

The trick is in fact to create a good act, but an even greater cause, that he was not dead. Anna Raczyńska: How do you break something that lingered for decades in a Polish school? Anna-Sobala Zbroszczyk: In order to break this inertia and routine, which I said, you have to – I’ll say it colloquially – łupnąć. You have to create such a legal solution that will hit the segment of inhibiting the growth and break it. Dzierzgowska łupnęła in structure and it has caused a flurry of other changes. The question is whether the MEN a beating, and if so, what?

For now proposes a sensible bill, but only on paper. According to me thud would be the elimination of the Teacher’s Charter. Karol Semik: I suggest you do not use the term liquidation. Anna-Sobala Zbroszczyk: This bill can not be modified. Karol Semik: You have to replace it with another piece of legislation.

Since the days of the National Education Commission description of the teachers had always legal status. Wojciech Starzynski: Teacher card to be replaced by a new law to regulate all matters related to the specifics of the profession. Anna-Sobala Zbroszczyk: I just replace it with such other document I mean – it could be for example a collective agreement. A beating is nothing like finding a legal solution such that the distance from the school clerical structures, and pushes it in the direction in which it should be pushed. I have, of course, a couple of ideas for a beating. The first is the possibility of transferring to other schools by local legal entities. It’s just another form of decentralization.

This hitherto pushed for school clerical structure, hindering the elimination of many barriers. Second, the consistent expansion of school autonomy, also for odwiązaniu them from these structures. Because what is happening in local government? The local governments are the education agency procedure, securities and, consequently, decisions helplessness school principals. And last administrative change which will unlock the brakes, the system of promotion of teachers, because the one that applies today, has no connection with the needs of modern education.

Wojciech Starzynski: The question is how to do it? Well, according to me, you should have the courage and the ability to write and present a new public education act. And if you will not even chance of its passage in parliament, however, it becomes a trigger to change the mentality and the need for change. What’s more, such a document may be subject to civil lobbying. After all, the Constitution gives us that opportunity. And this is one. Secondly, that this happened, which, among others, spoke a moment ago headmistress and says STO years, just make a small amendment to the law education.

This will cause the public schools established by other entities, will be recorded as well as non-public schools. A few years ago, in Rembertów, non-public school wanted to establish a school of public and – honestly not sure if mówiąc- knowledge, consent of the city authorities of Warsaw on its opening anyway. Establishment of schools by other entities should be the standard, not the derivative systems. Then we will have a real educational market, and thus a greater chance of a better quality of education. Ligia Krajewska – Head of the Political Cabinet of the Minister of Education: I am a councilor, and yet it wrong answer that the government does not see the positive, stimulating the role of competition in education, not thinking openly about improving the quality of school work. Indeed, there is something in local government, instead of to support non-governmental organizations and the non-public sector, treat this sphere as competition, not noticing that it also bring a loss.

Recently published in “Gazeta Wyborcza” Warsaw education assessment revealed that the townspeople did not receive her best. Given the large expenditure on education, we must admit that this is indeed a big body, but at the same time is not mobile, very clerical. In Poland it is perhaps the only one municipality, Jarocin, who dared to set up a foundation to privatize all schools in your community, to liberate them from the Teacher’s Charter and learning outcomes immediately went up. Because pact, there is nothing that works like a competition. We see the trade. Education is also a service.

School teacher and serve society. So why competition mechanism would not work here? Anna-Sobala Zbroszczyk: It will work if we manage to “plow” social consciousness. The question how to do it? It is very difficult, even though twenty years building a market economy. It turned out, however, that there are enclaves, which did not reach the processes of transformation and education is one of them. Because if someone seduced password: let’s take matters into their own hands, it eventually became convinced that in education it is deceptive.

We took a school in their own hands, every move and now it turns out that for local governments is not any value. Local governments have their own plot of land and non-public schools on it do not fit, we’re just not them. Therefore, I repeat the question: How do you do? In Spain, the most important changes in Germany began with a public discussion on the topic. The government described the project, which was evaluated in the public discourse.

It is then the chance to reconcile the different positions and give legitimacy to the decision-makers further action. I know the arguments against the course debates, but then you need to look somewhere way on such an important transformation in the social sphere. Karol Semik In its strategy to change the state focus on external conditions. And I understand it. But back to the internal rules governing the functioning of schools. When we talk about checking the quality of their work, it does not restrict only to the assessment by formal supervision.

This is not the only criterion. Strong and reliable part of the system should also be parents. For me as a headteacher their judgment was extremely important. Parents were often the authors of very good ideas. They know their child, they said, what you need to help him, and what they grow.

A good school is a school evaluated well by the environment. Professor Mizerek, expert evaluation processes believes that the diagnosis should be getting education to the public. So we do not do it for themselves, but also for the child and parents. It happens that the school is well evaluated, and the parents do not share this opinion. It is therefore necessary to find a plane of the joint assessment to verify what is feeling, and what is fact. Moreover, a well-implemented evaluation will indicate whether the school is drifting, or adopted a purpose in relation to the student community.

Ligia Krajewska: Note, however, that this must work both ways. We need a new definition of the relationship between students and parents and the school. There is a need to clarifying the competences and mechanisms that will allow them to use and break the anachronistic thinking. The point is not to parent teacher can impose its concept, but not about the teacher to assess exhibited according to parents’ expectations. It can not be that the teacher does not allow children to paint with paint, because they get dirty benches, and the school is renovated, or that used to poddańczych relations parents care about good relations with you, or you, not to harm your child. As conservative attitudes will not open school on new tasks, which include, among others, learning how to learn.

Maciej Winiarek: I agree with the fact that social awareness in this regard leaves much to be desired. I was once a member of the parents’ council and – to my horror – I’ve heard most often: You better know what to do; Please do this, we agree. My arguments such as: do not, we are here to discuss the problem, because it concerns our children, getting into the void. With interest Following the British educational market, where the parents’ council are very firmly anchored. So if we want the role of parents was significant, we must take care that power of attorney.

The same call parents’ council does not change anything. Especially when there is no opening from the school. And looking to the side as a parent, I feel that the educational environment is very hermetic and closed to new ideas. Karol Semik: A public school should be more socialized. Maciej Winiarek: And it can become thanks to the fact that parents receive real right to vote. They operate in the labor market, they know the trends and requirements, know what competencies are required for this purpose, so they can talk about the world outside of school.

After Polish school is closed as a prison. This is not a friendly creative school and creative thinking. It is a school in which you have to forget about the technology, because it does not exist, you need to turn off the cell, because there is a ban. So if parents begin to exert more pressure and demand from the director’s vision and strategy specific actions, school will begin slowly to respond to contemporary needs. Wojciech Starzynski: We have a very important subject, which the Social Educational Society has been involved in over twenty years.

The essay writer fr problem is that if the key to changing this situation, among other things, greater empowerment of parents, the question arises: what the central government, educational authorities have done to help the parents to upodmiotowić? Unfortunately, there’s only one answer – did nothing, or almost nothing. I therefore hope that, thanks to which we realize together with the Board of Mazowiecki, in the near future we will make a big dent in this case. This is a huge challenge, because it breaks with the loss of their practice. So far, in fact, all the parameters determining the extent to which parents may interfere with the principles of the school are determined by professional teachers. Meanwhile, these are two different environments that need to meet and talk.

Ligia Krajewska: Pay attention to the state yet another thing. At the parents’ conservative approach to the whole education system. When you save a child to class, we would like to lay it as long as possible in the same social group. And what the Americans are doing as a mobile nation? From the first grade of primary school child learns to function in different groups. It is indeed a multicultural nation, so the coexistence needs are slightly different, but they also know that mobility is preparing to change their place of work and residence. Whereas the Polish school is static.

Anna Raczyńska: Static also thanks to the conservative attitude of the teachers? Ligia Krajewska course. First, the student is treated by the teacher as a community. Skips to the individual characteristics and needs. Secondly, the school is not open to a new organization of education. When I hear the directors at the meeting that you can not go to the forest to biology lessons, because lose the lessons of history and Polish, in me all the storm.

If the director does not understand that leaving the area in a program can be implemented in several subjects at the same time, it means he does not understand the essence of modern education. And this is the drama of Polish school. This school does not teach you how to learn. Karol Semik: Here you can see the attitude of the average Pole. Professor Henry said recently Mizerek very vividly that the Pole is inherently celebrity maruda. Teachers also are encoded resistance to change. Fear of them.

Meanwhile, functioning in the modern world requires openness. Schools should therefore also reformat our characterological traits. Fortunately, this is changing. We go, for example, students in physics classes for Winterthur in Switzerland. Very rich Swiss have come to the conclusion that instead equip every school in the physics laboratory, it is better to build one central laboratory. So they put the six-storey building, and each floor is another branch of physics.

Students go on all day and perform various exercises. They work alone, and if you have a problem, have the support of the teacher. This is the perfect method of learning. Therefore, this principle will operate in the future Copernicus Science Center. Maciej Winiarek: American researchers say that in a world of rapid change, globalization and the Internet, where nothing is predictable, you have to possess three key skills.

The first is the ability to process information, the teacher changes from the information provider moderator. The second is a global communication, and the third is the ability to manage their own learning process. They do not guarantee success, but opens the way for him, and that means the possibility duration of the labor market. The school should be so shaped. I would be very glad if in the process of planned changes remembered about these three skills, if it was about them loud and if they were taken into account when evaluating the work of the school. For now, this assessment falls ill.

In the autumn I attended a series of conferences devoted to this, as the Polish school should be made to the global world. On each of them I asked whether the state virtual schools participate in the project? Among the representatives of several hundred outlets, only one person raised her hand. So what takes place in the world for a good ten years, with us it is not yet applicable. Anna Raczyńska: Time for a punch line in our discussions.

Karol Semik: I have before me a glass filled with water and a large jug. Assume that water is the effects of actions in education. The glass are visible. If he poured the water into the jug, they will be much less visible. Meanwhile, we mean a system of education and upbringing, which will be systematically functioned well and everyone will see results.

study bays me – Given the large expenditure on education, we must admit that this is indeed a big body, but at the same time is not mobile, very clerical.

In short, you have to realize well the curriculum and examine the quality of school work, but we have to convince the whole educational environment. Because if the changes do not affect many places, if it’s a small island in… Lire la suite »